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Missing Man

One of the benefits of working in my building is that I have a great view of planes and helicopters when they are in the area. One side of our offices face the airport; I once watched Air Force One as it made its descent. Friday, the city held the Memorial Day service and it concluded with a flyover in the missing man formation. Because of my view, I could see the planes as they did their initial approach; as they turned to the north to straighten up; then as they flew over the monument and the designated pilot broke away to the west.

The flyover is always moving. For some reason, this year it was more so. I started to cry as they came into sight. Jim was in the Navy, not the Air Force, but still I cried. I cried for me and I cried for all of the rest of us who deal with the missing person formation every day. I will now look at this flyby differently. It will still be moving; now it is also just a little bit more personal.


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