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Three Hours

In three hours it will be exactly five years. Nine hours ago five years ago was when it started. It was horrible. And surreal. And I can’t forget it. Nearly every single part of it. Jim started dying twelve hours before his body gave up. I really hope he stopped realizing it long before then.
A friend of mine sent us roses today. She wrote a lovely note and the roses were perfect. Hadley wanted me to read the card. I started to do it, not realizing what might happen. I got a few words in and thought, I’m not sure I can read this. But a deep breath and some additional resolve, and the tears were pushed back down where Hadley couldn’t see them.
I want to be alone but I don’t want to alone. I think I want to wallow in it a little this year. The proverbial sackcloth and ashes, you know. Just for a day. On April 7th, tomorrow, I will be out the other side for another year. All I have to do is keep walking.


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