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So here we are at Thanksgiving. I am guessing that Hadley’s class has probably been talking about being thankful and that at least one person has said they are thankful for their mom and dad. I am also guessing that this may be part of the reason we had our crying session tonight. All of that compounded with no nap.
We were talking about other people who had lost their fathers. I told her that some of them would think it was very nice if she talked to them about it. She started to cry and said she wanted him to stay here and she didn’t get any time. She said, “He didn’t even get to see my school!” I said something lame, along the lines of trying to be thankful he was here for two weeks. And in her oh so insightful, older than her years way, she said, “but i cant be thankful when I wanted a lot more than that!” and just like so many times before, all I could do was hold her and rock her.


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