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Channel One

We were finishing dinner last night. I was getting things cleaned up for the night, Hadley was almost done eating. Quite frequently, out of the blue Hadley will tell me she loves me. She did that this time as well, but what she said was, “I love you moo moo.” She’s never called me that.  The only one who called me that is Jim. Maybe Jim thought I needed to hear that. I’m glad she can hear him.



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Everybody But Me

We have a spider in our back screen door. There is an egg sack nearby. Somehow we got onto the topic of which spider was who and whether the eggs had hatched yet. Hadley asked why there were two spiders hanging around. I told her that one was the mommy and probably the other was the daddy. “How do you know it’s the dad?” she responded. “Everybody has a dad,” I said. After a split second she said quietly, “Everybody but me.”

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