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At the beginning of May, Hadley and I did our fourth March of Dimes March for Babies. I was lucky when Hadley was born; we didn’t have any problems with her delivery or her health. She delivered precisely when she was supposed to, although I’m not sure it would have been that way without a little planning. Scheduled delivery worked very well for me. Unfortunately, not everyone has an easy time with pregnancy. I walk because of a little girl I’ve never met, who passed away the day after the one year mark of Jim’s passing. I feel an odd sense of connection, likely because there is an unwanted bond of grief.

May 12th was a beautiful day for a walk. At least, I walked. Hadley decided that riding was the thing for her that day. She kept up a steady stream of chatter the entire way. We got a balloon as soon as we got to the venue, but her intent this year was to let it go immediately for Jim. She was thrilled as she watched it float higher and higher into the clear sky.

We didn’t raise much money, but we will walk again year after year in support of those who have endured something no parent should ever have to experience.


Donning our Purple


Guess who gets to Push




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Today was a promotion ceremony in Hadley’s fitness/martial arts program, Crouching Tigers.  First, they did their regular stretching and warm up routine. There may be nothing funnier than seeing 3-5 year old kids trying to do jumping jacks. Then they each had to break a board. It was a fantastic way to spend a half hour today. She was so proud of herself.

Board, I will break you into half pizzas!

It is done.

And other times, I just like the bling and some tap shoes!

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