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Now We Are Four

On my last visit to the ob before your due date, nothing was happening. Absolutely nothing. I asked him what the plan was, and how long I would go past the date before they made me deliver. He told me they didn’t like to let mothers go more than a week past their date but, as luck would have it, he was going to be on vacation when I would be one week past. The choice was to have you when you were supposed to get here or to have someone I’d never met deliver you. I opted for the first one. There was a lot going on and I didn’t particularly want to have a stranger suddenly step into the mix to do the major work.

Apparently, because there was nothing happening at that visit, the dr. decided that I should come in the night before, then hopefully by the end of the next day you would be here. He was planning for it to be a long day and take a lot of effort to get you here on the 24th.

When I checked in on the 23rd, one of the things the nurse asked was if I’d been having contractions. I told her I didn’t think so, as I hadn’t felt anything that seemed remotely like a contraction except for whatever it was that came up in the middle of the night before.  She hooked me up to the monitor and informed me that not only had I been having contractions, but I was having them pretty regularly. I remember thinking that I’d always thought contractions would hurt but if this was all they were going to be, this wasn’t going to be so bad.

The plan was that they would give me some medication that night, then a follow up something or other the next morning to kick me into labor. Before they did the follow up, the doctor would check to see how things were. So at about 8:30 the next morning, in he came. He was on his way to do a C-section for someone else, so this was just supposed to be a quick visit. You and I had other ideas, though.

He told the nurse that I was already in labor but that he had to go to the surgery. I called Alyson to come back; when she got there, the nurse assured us that she could deliver you if she had to. They were going to try to wait, so the doctor could get back, but if they couldn’t, we were just going to go with it.

The nurse did end up having to start without him.  He was back in an hour and I remember that he came back in what seemed like the nick of time. He wasn’t really there long because you’d decided it was time to make your grand entrance. It was less than an hour of labor. And you were a beautiful sight.

Happy Birthday dear heart. I love you more than you may realize. You are a wonderful little person and I can’t imagine what life would be like without you. It was a glorious day when we found out you were coming, and it was an even more glorious day when you arrived in our lives.

Three days old

Four years old


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The Milkshake

Dear Hadley,

There’s this hamburger place we drive past all the time on our way home. When we passed it tonight, it brought to mind a memory of your dad that I wanted to share with you.

I will tell you that the best relationships you will have in life are ones in which the other person kind of fills in the missing pieces of you. If you’re shy, they’re outgoing; if you like to cook, they like to clean; that kind of thing. In a lot of ways, your dad and I were like that. One of the parts he filled in for me was that I have this thing with going back into a restaurant if they’ve messed up my order. That’s why I usually drink the iced tea, even if it’s unsweetened when I ordered sweet.  The big things, I’ll complain about, but drinks? Eh (shrugs shoulders), it’s just not worth the trouble to me usually.

On this evening, we were out for a drive and decided to stop at the hamburger place to get a milkshake. You may find out later that I’m particular about my chocolate milkshakes. I like them chocolate, but not CHOCOLATE. Most places make them more along the lines of the latter version. I was 7 months pregnant; your dad went in to get the food.  We started to leave and I took a drink of my shake, only to discover that it was way beyond my idea of chocolate. I said something but was going to go ahead and drink it because hey, it was a milkshake! That was not acceptable to your dad. He turned the car around and took the shake back into the restaurant.

The version he came back with was much improved.  I’m sure I said something along the lines of hoping he didn’t get too annoying about it all with them. He told me that he just told the manager that this milkshake was not acceptable to his pregnant wife and that he was not going back to the car until he had a milkshake that I liked. Apparently, they didn’t argue; they just made a new shake.

I know, that’s not exactly an epic story. As we get close to the start of this landmine of dates I am about to enter, I wanted to share with you one of my little memories.

I love you with all my heart.


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