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A Gift for Dad

It was months ago that I consoled Hadley after she lost her balloon to the wind with the explanation that it wasn’t lost but that it was going up to Dad.  Every once in awhile, when she sees that someone has lost one, she’ll comment on him catching it when it gets to him.  So it made sense, in a 3 year old kind of way, when she said a few weeks ago that she wanted to get Jim a balloon for Christmas.  We bought it on Friday and I think we threw the store person for a loop when we said we were going to let it go.  I felt the need to explain what we were doing; who knows what effect that had on the dear lady at the store.  I doubt it’s something she hears very often.

Hadley knew what she was looking for.  I don’t know if she’d seen it there before, or if she just wanted one with Santa and his reindeer that she could admire for a day before we sent it on its way.  She went straight for it and thought it was just wonderful when the florist wanted to put more air in it.  She decided that would really help it get up where it needed to go.

I had decided that if she forgot, I would not mention it and she could just enjoy the balloon for as long as she wanted to.  I should have known better.  She didn’t forget.  In the middle of the afternoon, after she’d opened all her presents and was playing, she suddenly decided it was time.  She came to find me so she could ask if it was okay.  We bundled up, enlisted my parents to man the camera and offer support, and out we went.

Ready to launch the Christmas present

I had a moment of panic when it got stuck in the trees.  I really thought we were far enough away but the wind was pretty strong.  Fortunately, it was strong enough that after whipping around in the tree branch for a couple of seconds, on it went.  This is us as we let it go.  Yes, the balloon went so fast there was no way it was showing up in this picture.

Really, there was a balloon...

We watched it until it was out of sight. Hadley was thrilled that it had made it. We had each kissed it and then said Merry Christmas as we let go of the string. She said she knew that he was going to love it. I’m sure he did.

Goodbye, balloon. Travel safely.


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Hadley’s school has their Christmas program on Friday. They have been practicing for quite some time. Fortunately, they decided against doing “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. I think that was a little ambitious for 3 year olds, anyway. She’s done much better at getting the three down that they’re planning to sing. She thought it was a great idea to practice tonight and have me get it on video.

I can really see how she’s grown when I compare that to this one.

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