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We visited Santa on Friday. Hadley told him she wants a swingset. Um, yeah…

Take the picture, take the picture, take the picture...


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Singing and Halloween

Hadley was a pumpkin for Halloween.  We went out with a friend…her daughter and Hadley had the same costume.  Hadley said they were pumpkin sisters.

Hadley and Margaret: Pumpkin Sisters!

Hadley hasn’t realized that kids usually eat most of their candy in the first two days.  She has had one piece each night so far.  And she doesn’t like a number of different kinds, so Mom is going to be batting clean up.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

She has also taken to singing everything.  She seems to make up stories and recite them along to some kind of a tune, although it’s never recognizable.  The songs are typically QUITE long in length and are sung with serious gusto.  It makes me smile every time I hear her.  One of the real songs she has picked up recently is “Tomorrow” from Annie.  They watched the movie on movie day a few weeks ago.  Her version of it goes something like this.

The sun’ll come up, tomorrow/put your bottom down low, tomorrow, there’ll be sun.

Just thinkin’ about, tomorrow/makes lots of cobwebs, full sorrow, and there’s sun.

When I’m stuck with a day, that’s gray and (mumble, mumble…) I just stick out my chin and grin and saaaaayyyyyyy….

Sun’ll come out, tomorrow/put your bottom down low, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow. You’re only a day away.

And yes, she sings that at the top of her lungs as well.  How could anyone feel down when Little Orphan Annie is belting that from the back seat?  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s just a gem.

Happy Halloween!

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