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We were out and about today and happened to go by a hat and mitten display in one of the stores.  Hadley tried on the dog, the kitten, and the lion before deciding that she needed to have the lion because her snowman hat and mittens from last year don’t fit anymore.  I actually think they probably do fit, but the lion was too cute to pass up.

We stopped at one of our favorite places for dinner.  She always says she wants the spaghetti.  Usually after a few bites, she decides that she actually wants what I get, penne pasta in garlic/olive oil with feta cheese.  Which is actually quite funny, considering that she doesn’t really like cheese.  Feta isn’t exactly a kid friendly cheese.  Then again, neither are avacadoes or sweet potatoes.  She does like making her own rules, that one.  She wore her lion hat and mittens into the restaurant.  We sat down and she asked me to get her “the sticks with the plastic thing” because she wanted to use them.  The sticks are chopsticks and the plastic thing is the chopstick buddy thing that helps you learn to use chopsticks correctly.  I’ve tried the buddy…it didn’t help me.  But I got her the sticks and set them up for her.  She tried it with spaghetti with limited success.  Then she decided to try them on my food.  She ate all of it.

So there we were.  My little girl in her lion hat, using chopsticks and eating penne with feta.  All I could do was smile and wish I had a picture.  I am going to have to learn to use chopsticks now, though. 



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