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Pumpkin Patch

Today we met some friends and went to a pumpkin patch.  The only other time we’ve been to a pumpkin patch, it was about 2 days before Halloween and there were very few pumpkins left, none of which were actually in the patch anymore.  We have two pumpkin kits and Hadley has been very interested in getting them into the pumpkins, so we’ve been waiting for the pumpkins to show up.

After lunch, we got to the farm and got on the horse trolley to take us out to pick our pumpkins.  Sure, we could have picked one from the mass that was already there, but what’s the fun in that?  Besides, Hadley has never ridden a horse drawn trolley before.  When we stopped, she immediately found the one she wanted.

This is It!

Then we had to find a second one, the one that will be Mrs. Potato Head.  After tripping over a few vines, we found it.

Number 2, Located

When we got back, Hadley got her first pony ride.  She had a pretty tight grip on the saddle.  I walked beside her so she’d feel a bit more comfortable.  Unfortunately, that position only allowed me to get a shot of her from the side.  Maybe next time I’ll do better as the camera-happy parent.  We had a great time.  Thanks to the Furlows for inviting us!

She's a Natural



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