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Happy Holidays

We finally managed to get a tree home, up, and decorated.  After it was up, Hadley agreed to sing the song from her Christmas program at school.  I could hear it much better this time than I did during the program.  I’m sure this means that a star is born.

This is how it went for the actual program. They gave her the mic because she could sing the song so well. What they forgot to tell her is that she needed to sing into it.


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Time OUT

If I had things to break, I’d be breaking them.  If I had things to throw, they’d be strewn about the house.  I want to scream at everyone, “PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A TIME OUT!!”   I try not to complain, at least not too often, but it’s been a bit overwhelming lately.  Too much work, too many responsibilities…I need my sounding board, the person who always put it in perspective for me.  I need a vacation…I need a day at a spa…or maybe I just need some expensive chocolate.  At this point in time, after cleaning up two rounds of  vomit from two different dogs in one day, any and all of those would be welcome.

Sometimes it’s really hard not to scream at him, yet again, “WHY did you leave me??”

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