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Always Busy

A few days ago, we were home on the weekend cleaning or doing laundry or something.  Hadley was playing in the living room while I was wandering around.  It was very quiet in the living room.  I walked around the corner to see this.

Silence while playing with metal bowls? Amazing.

Later, she would fill every bowl with some toy that fit just perfectly.  Since Jim was the one who alphabetized canned goods, I’m going to guess that the organization tendency came directly from him.


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The third one without Jim.  Thanksgiving lost some of its lustre in 2008.  I still like getting to spend time with my family but it’s not the same.  No built in conversation companion.  It’s mostly just a day to get through.  I know, I’m supposed to be thankful for what I have, but all I can focus on is what I don’t have.  I keep thinking that I should be through this sometime soon.

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We were leaving the funeral home after attending the viewing for my friend’s father.  This is the conversation we had as we walked to the car. 

H: Mommy, why did we come see your friend?

M: Because my friend was sad and sometimes when somebody is sad, it helps if friends come see them.  When their friends are there, they’re not quite as sad.

H: He was sad because his daddy died?  Like my daddy died?

M: Yes. 

H: But now his daddy is with my daddy and now he’s not so sad because he has a friend.

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Catch Up

We’ve had quite a lot of happenings in the last few weeks.  We’re completely on board the potty train (whoo hoo!!) and it’s as if we’ve found money.  No more diapers!  Glory hallelujah!  Then there was Halloween.  A cuter Elmo has never been seen.  Here are a few pictures, just because I think she’s adorable.

Happy Halloween!

Sure, we might not need a helmet now...

Ready to Roll

With Mrs. Pumpkin Head

Halloween Outfit

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