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Loving and Free Spirit

Apparently, Hadley likes hats and boots as a combination (a word she says quite frequently, by the way).

Hat, rain boots, dress...what's not to love?

She also likes to read.  Tonight she read me the bedtime story we read every night.  It melts my heart.

Reading to Stella. Winter hat optional.

She’s a darling girl.  I’m so very glad she’s here with me.


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Hadley punched her ticket for the potty train today.  It was risky, after having very little “practice” time, but today she went diaper free at daycare.  And…SUCCESS!  She was wearing the same clothes when I picked her up in the afternoon as she was when I dropped her off.  She had NO accidents.  She took very seriously the responsibility of keeping her underwear dry.  I didn’t ask how many times she said she needed to go, but if it’s anything like when she’s with me, it was probably about every 30 minutes. 

Glory Hallelujah!

I’m not counting it as done with diapers until we go days on end without incident.

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