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My Happy Helper

A good friend of mine sent us a CD a few months ago with original compositions for kids.  The songs cover manners, sharing, feelings, and some fun songs.  One of the songs is about helping.  Whenever Hadley helps, I call her my happy helper and I change the words of the song so they’re specific to whatever it is we’re doing.  She seems to like my songs about her, and since it doesn’t bother her if they rhyme or even make sense, I’ll probably keep doing it for awhile.

Last weekend I decided it was time to plant some things.  Of course I had to pick the hottest weekend of the year.  We got several bags of dirt and as many flowers as the car would hold, then I started digging.  Hadley was right there helping, with a little trowel and her own few plants.  She moved about 5 teaspoons of dirt over the course of the afternoon but she managed to spill quite a lot on the porch.  I kind of wish I’d taken a picture at the end of the day because we were quite the pair.  This one is before we’d started doing any manual labor.  Pulling that wagon around on our lawn is no easy task!

We both like hats. And we definitely didn't look like this a few hours later.


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What to Say

We were on our way home from work and daycare today and when I looked in the mirror at Hadley, her facial expression looked exactly like one Jim used to have when he was figuring out something in his head.  I said out loud, “You look exactly like your Daddy.”  Don’t know why I said it aloud; that doesn’t mean anything to her.  Maybe I just wanted to hear myself say it.  Whatever the reason, it started us heading toward a conversation road I’m not quite prepared to have.  Fortunately, she’s two, so I didn’t have to have it yet.

“Daddy coming to pick me up,” she said.  She was talking about daycare, because that’s the only place she thinks someone needs to pick her up.  She’d been quite relieved this afternoon when I came to get her.  I told her Daddy couldn’t come get her because he wasn’t here.  “Daddy at work,” she decided.  I had a few seconds of going through in my head whether I should pursue this or not and if I should explain why he wasn’t at work.  I didn’t because, again, she’s only two.  But the time is coming when she will wonder why we never see Daddy except in the pictures.  And what will I say when she asks?

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